LILI’s Film [The Movie] Dance Cover | Ellen and Brian

24 097 Рет қаралды 2,4 МЛН

Here’s our special cover of BLACKPINK Lisa’s “LILI’s FILM [The Movie]” (‘Tomboy’ by Destiny Rogers) originally presented and put together by Lisa, Cheshir Ha, Anthony King and team. We LOVED everything about [The Movie] and tried our best to recreate it for our cover including the choreography, outfits, filming style, editing, lighting, props, and more~
Ellen: Performer, Outfits/Makeup/Hair Stylist, Producer Assistant
Brian: Film Director, Editor, Producer, Lighting, Props, Graphic Design, Dealer
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Brian Li - briankevli
Ellen Min - ellenmint_
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Outfit details:
1st outfit:
Suit: ASOS (Brian’s)
Belts: YesStyle (use code "EEBEE02CFY" before 2/28/2021 for $10 off any order above $49! Check out our latest cover for new valid codes every month)
Shoes: Adidas
2nd outfit:
Top: YesStyle
Shorts: Stradivarius
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Disclaimer: We do not own any of the music or choreography.


  1. Ellen and Brian
    Ellen and Brian
    2 ай бұрын

    We put in a lot of effort into this special cover so hope you guys like it as much as we do!! Props to Brian for the filming, editing, lighting and everything :) We recommend watching it in 4K~ We’ll be covering Chung Ha’s ‘Bicycle’ next!

    1. Arianne
      10 күн бұрын

      This one is really good and I hope you can make a dance tutorial too 💖

    2. Braj Prem bhav
      Braj Prem bhav
      13 күн бұрын

      This so good

    3. bts jimin
      bts jimin
      13 күн бұрын

      I love you

    4. jenn\tae*
      13 күн бұрын

      Dance for film out bts 😓🇰🇷🇰🇷

    5. ᴊɪᴍɪxɴ
      28 күн бұрын


    3 сағат бұрын

    You are very talented 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    4 сағат бұрын

    0:36 green light dance, 0:08 carts dance and 1:06 hot dance.

  4. Drisna Jawale
    Drisna Jawale
    10 сағат бұрын

    That nice I really appreciate you for your hard work 💜

  5. Mira &lidya
    Mira &lidya
    19 сағат бұрын

    Are we Going to ignore the fact that she has the same outfit and everything like u guys are on fire aaa AND THE HAIR

  6. Jezrreal
    21 сағат бұрын

    Please make a tutorial on this!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  7. hala
    2 күн бұрын

    رقصك إجنن اف علي الجمال الرقص بس صراحه سويتي مثلها بالظبط اقصد ليسا ):🖤🙂

  8. RoqeA Kim
    RoqeA Kim
    2 күн бұрын


  9. bangtan Sugakookie
    bangtan Sugakookie
    2 күн бұрын

    *its the fact that she did so amazing*

  10. Jackie
    3 күн бұрын


  11. hyujing felix
    hyujing felix
    3 күн бұрын

    Lisaa love

    3 күн бұрын

    T-T-This is soo pretty

  13. Aldina İlet
    Aldina İlet
    3 күн бұрын

    Kız çok güzel yapmış 💜

  14. ᴠᴀɴᴇssᴀ༒
    4 күн бұрын

    Best lilifilm cover I ever seen >

    1. Gizem Deniz Koç
      Gizem Deniz Koç
      2 күн бұрын

      You should watch CHOS7N cover to it was amazing to

  15. Jeon Jungkookie
    Jeon Jungkookie
    4 күн бұрын

    Yes, I realize it's hard to dance perfectly. but you are missing some parts of this dance. Some beats are great, but if you do the parts you missed in this dance with better practice, it will be just as great as the original. I'm not saying all of this to upset you, please don't get me wrong. I want you to correct your mistakes and dance better that way. I believe you will do better

  16. Elif nur Turgut
    Elif nur Turgut
    4 күн бұрын

    perfect and perfect

  17. Roghayeh Manzoori
    Roghayeh Manzoori
    4 күн бұрын

    It was better than Lisa!

  18. its ngizzaa
    its ngizzaa
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  19. capricornio
    5 күн бұрын

    and what is this crap🤣

  20. zeena Bikawi
    zeena Bikawi
    5 күн бұрын

    The fact that they always put so much effort in their videos unlike most covers✨ we love u so much Ellen and Brian and thank you so much for everything you do❤️💜 Imagine this (but I promise you it will happen one day) Imagine scrolling down through KZauto and finding a video on your recommendations saying “surprising Brian that I’m pregnant 🤰”!! Omg how cute that would be right!? Still waiting for this to happen lol 😂 can’t wait until you guys have a little baby crawling around and keeping you from doing your videos or who knows, maybe you guys can open a family channel once Ellen gives birth and the first video of the family channel would be the birth video✨ awwwww😂😭💗💙

  21. jenlisa_love
    5 күн бұрын

    No one can be compared with my nini's bae

  22. Nasrin Sultana
    Nasrin Sultana
    5 күн бұрын

    This channel don't just do dance cover and tutorial but they are also soo creative 😭

  23. Melissa
    5 күн бұрын

    This is really good, when j have just yourself and no one else there, bravo

  24. אדר אדרי
    אדר אדרי
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  25. sweet cream dolls
    sweet cream dolls
    5 күн бұрын

    You really look like lisa

  26. Edm for you
    Edm for you
    5 күн бұрын

    That is called a movie 🎥

  27. Ahlexi Madsen
    Ahlexi Madsen
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  28. Priyansh Singh
    Priyansh Singh
    6 күн бұрын

    di your dance amazing and outfit nice and you looking so beautiful 😘😍😍😍😍

  29. Byul uwu
    Byul uwu
    6 күн бұрын


  30. KatnikEverdeen
    6 күн бұрын

    This is the best cover so far🥰

  31. kurdish army blink 1287
    kurdish army blink 1287
    6 күн бұрын

    Wow 😲😲

  32. dreamwithrosie
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  33. Sadie_Møøn #saveralph
    Sadie_Møøn #saveralph
    7 күн бұрын

    1:31 when no one was there, I:

    7 күн бұрын

    1:56 is very hard🥺

  35. litzy
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  36. Krishna Prasad
    Krishna Prasad
    8 күн бұрын

    This THE best cover of Lisa's cover.

  37. Ananya Sangal
    Ananya Sangal
    8 күн бұрын

    Please make tutorial on it please

  38. شهوده شهوده
    شهوده شهوده
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    هاذا صوتها ❤

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    Zeynep Gördebil
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  40. E
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    Please lisa the show solo dance cover

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    oh my.................................... good

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    carol e jhu
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    Camilla Damascena
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    Veena Devi
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    Ahhh 😮so much efforts

  48. Azalea Jones
    Azalea Jones
    11 күн бұрын

    She is good

  49. JStudio CR7
    JStudio CR7
    12 күн бұрын

    I thought only lisa can do this dance... but I was wrong she is superb dancer.... Really great dance 💙❤

  50. ALL In 1 YT
    ALL In 1 YT
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    I like these song

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    Maria Isabel
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    Estefania Bustamante
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    this is amazing i love uuuu! it would be amazing if u could cover Yeji's River!

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  56. bts jimin
    bts jimin
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  57. blink ตัวน้อยๆ
    blink ตัวน้อยๆ
    14 күн бұрын

    When you dance you are really cool 😎 I like you very much I 'm following you it is a strong force . 😊💙

  58. Jem Estalilla
    Jem Estalilla
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  59. cherry avakin
    cherry avakin
    14 күн бұрын

    oh my me oh my god

  60. Esin Su Can #BlinkTreasuremarkerBeckyMidzyForever
    Esin Su Can #BlinkTreasuremarkerBeckyMidzyForever
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  61. avery
    14 күн бұрын

    this is definitely one of the top dance covers i have ever seen

  62. valentina moscoso
    valentina moscoso
    15 күн бұрын

    OMG you´re so good

  63. Esha Gangadhar
    Esha Gangadhar
    15 күн бұрын

    3 days?! she ain't a queen... She a goddess

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    wissarut poompunt
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    Candice Manda
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    At first I thought this was her singing LOL

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    aldrin lebaton
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    you're so talented, bruh...

  67. Sunita Verma
    Sunita Verma
    16 күн бұрын

    Lilifilm the movie was released on 12 feb 2021 and your cover was released on 15 feb 2021 how did you learn all steps in just 2 days I am so surprised😳😳😳 and I will take 1 year to learn the all the steps 😁😁

  68. ที่ดีที่ไทย HATIYU
    ที่ดีที่ไทย HATIYU
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    Not link smoothly & sharp enough when changed to next

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    kpop forever
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  73. Ilknur Celik
    Ilknur Celik
    18 күн бұрын

    And you are Lisa's back dancer. How could you put same video in 3 days if you wouldn't....

  74. Maria
    18 күн бұрын

    copy machine

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    sejoud sghaier
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    Sampa Mal
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    Reham Mwafy
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    Mariem Bakr
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    Viih Emanuelly
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  80. LiliePink L. R. P
    LiliePink L. R. P
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  81. Sandeep Mehta
    Sandeep Mehta
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    she aced this and we all can agree

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    Diksha More
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    Superb gurl🔥🔥

  83. thy Nguyễn
    thy Nguyễn
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    20 күн бұрын

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  85. kingtae taee
    kingtae taee
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    Who else want to see lilifilm 3 dance cover ?

  86. Nysa thapa
    Nysa thapa
    20 күн бұрын

    god has gave u this power that u cover dance in single minute

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    Çiğdem Öztürk
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    annemin hesabı video falan yok
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    Shanaya Malhotra
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    Zoe Riat
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    Amitha Inturi
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    Bornea Alexandra
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    Aathira Prajish
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    1:26 Omg!!! she is soo flexible!!! she even did the splits here!!!!!! If u guys noticed!!!! good job ellen!!!